On Unix and overgrown lizards

I have a little confession to make, I am, in my boyfriend’s words “some sort of heathen” and I somehow “spent my infancy living under a rock” with my “fellow cavemen or cavewomen”. Yes, I’m afraid I have to say that before last week, I had never seen Jurassic Park. My boyfriend was visibly shaken when he discovered this, he took it upon himself to dig up his old VHS tapes. That obviously failed, so he procured a dvd version and then we had to watch it right away because until I had “it was like he didn’t know me anymore”. Now it’s time for my second confession, I didn’t like it. I don’t know what all the fuss was about. I’m more of the rom-com type of girl, I feel right at home among the disney princess stuff. The prospect of watching 90 minutes of people running from overgrown lizards, people being eaten by overgrown lizards and little kids being electrocuted didn’t attract me at all. For this my boyfriend accuses me of having no soul, well, souls aren’t all they are cracked up to be anyway, so what’s a girl to do? The film did have a redeeming quality however, if you’ve ever watched it you’ll remember this scene:


This little girl would have been my hero growing up had my parents let me see the movie.

My first instinct was to cringe, I thought it was one of those horrible blunders filmmakers used to do in the early days before the matrix taught them they had to use nmap for everything. I was one hundred per cent wrong. As crazy as it sounds, it turns out this was a real 3D file visualizer meant to run on irix for sgi workstations. Not only that, one Daniel Richard made a Linux version back in 1999 I HAD to have this, so I downloaded the source and set to compile it, but as it turns out, compiling code unmantained for a decade is harder than it looks. Some of the dependencies have been deprecated for ages and I was having a very hard time getting it to work. While googling for help I found the github account of one Maurus Cuelenaere, a couple years ago he cleaned up the code somewhat and made it easy to run on modern systems. Now for the interesting part, how to get it to run:

  • Get the source
    • Either clone the git repository or download the tarball and unpack it.
  • Install the dependencies
    • The readme only mentions the ubuntu dependencies, to get it working on my fedora 20 machine I only had to install gtk+-devel and gtkglarea2-devel, both were available though yum on the fedora repositories. Depending on what you already have installed, you may need more, take a look at configure’s output if you do. EDIT: 00gavin says in the comments that he also needed libtool and gettext-devel, try that if you are having trouble.
  • Compile
    • ./autogen.sh
    • ./configure
    • make
  • And run!
    • src/fsv

It’s a GNU system, I KNOW THIS!

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  1. 00gavin
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    AMAZING. FYI, I also had to: yum install libtool gettext-devel

  2. Dark_eye (@Dark_eye9)
    Dark_eye (@Dark_eye9) %A %B %e%q, %Y at %I:%M %p | | Reply

    Freaking Amazing! Wow, I wouldn’t thought for a second I could be running some of those fancy interfaces that always appear on the TV!.


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